DU - International Human Resources Management - Master MRH

DU - International Human Resources Management - Master MRH




This course will cover material on the diversity, the nature and the likely future of HR, especially global perspectives.
Courses, tutorials, discussions will center on HRM policies and practices concerning strategic alignment of HR, impact of culture (either national or corporate), understanding of legal aspects, international mobility, global talent management, ethics and values at the workplace, CSR, metrics and HR balanced scorecard, …



Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to :

  • Understand HRM from a strategic perspective
  • Understand the role of HR Professionals in contributing to the corporate strategy
  • Explain the practice of HRM as it relates to global talent management
  • Appreciate fundamental employment laws in a global context
  • Understand the key concepts and processes related to intercultural management and change management in a fast moving global environment
  • Analyze business challenges from an HRM perspective
  • Critically assess and evaluate global HR policies and practices, especially from a metrics perspective, including measurement of HR ROI



Postgraduate Students from economics, business, law, psychology and Human Resources with a good level of english (equal to a TOEIC 750). A first experience either as HR or as manager is valued.

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